I know a guy who wears a baseball cap all the time. I’ve never seen him in person or in a picture without one.

I hate hats. I can only wear one kind of hat that looks good on me. You got it: a ball cap. A baseball cap.

And I occasionally like to wear a baseball cap (especially on days like today when my hair is CRAZY curly and completely out of control!).

I bought the above cap so I would not only have one of my own but so that when I wanted to wear one I wouldn’t have to worry about where it has been for the past couple weeks (like maybe under my brothers bed or something).

I like it. It’s gray (one of my favorite colors). It says “Hawkinsville, GA” across the front (that’s my favorite town). And it fits me (told you I look good in a cap!).

I’ve pretty much worn it since buying it. And I’ve realized that baseball caps are perfect for hiding. You can pull them far down on your forehead and no one can see your eyes (or crazy hair). You can keep the world out. You can control what people see and how they see it. Ball caps are amazing.

Hiding is much easier than stepping up into the open and letting people see you.

Letting people see you is freeing. It brings relief. I pray I don’t start hiding behind my cap (unless my hair is being ridiculous and that, my friend, makes hiding a must! for the sanity of the rest of the world and me!).