How many times have you heard that from a girl? I know I’ve said it before.

Almost every girl I know has that “perfect guy friend” but they would never consider him “marriage material”.

But almost every girl I know (myself included) also complains about how there just aren’t any guys within their social circle they would even consider.

My Dad has often said that as long as two people love the Lord and have Christ as their foundation for life they can make a marriage happen.

I think, we as women, fantasize marriage based on what our culture has told us it should be and we forget that marriage is work. It’s hard work.

I loved this article for several reasons. One, she reminds us that the men who are kind, gentle and “there” are usually the best for a long-term relationship (which is what marriage should be: till death do you part). Two, in our society women are encouraged to have a job outside of the home or they are looked down upon for not achieving that level of success, but I know a lot of girls who are terrified that one day they won’t have that white house with the picket fence and the 2.4 kids. She reminded me that sometimes looking for “Mr. Right” isn’t always right.

Sounds like our “perfect guy friend” could be our “perfect marriage partner”.

Just a thought….