I am by no means a makeup guru. In fact, I wear a little as possible at all times. That means mascara and sometimes eye shadow. But I’ve discovered a makeup tip that can help any woman.

Lately, I’ve been staying up wayy too late and getting up too early. I need sleep like I need Jesus. I need sleep like I need air. More than food, probably not more than water, but I would say an equal amount of water/sleep is good. If I don’t get sleep I get grumpy.

I also get dark circles under my eyes. I’ve found a way to help cover the darkness without putting on a full face of makeup. And I’m soo happy about it too. I hate put on all that makeup. It’s too much work.

All you do is stay away from dark eye shadows. Use a light shade on your eyelid and it helps to brighten up your face.


My current favorite is Maybelline New York Enchanted Forrest number 24. The bottom left corner shade is a shimmering neutral. It’s perfect. I have it on in the picture above.