I have a problem. My newest co-worker, I believe, may like me a bit. I promise I’m not vain. But Deb said something to me last night about it and then I asked A and she agrees he is probably interested.
I am not at all interested in him. I haven’t acted any differently towards him than my other co-workers. A has seen me around him multiple times so I asked her the other day if she thought I was flirting or if I treated him differently than others and she said no. She said I treat him the same way I do Nicole. So I know I’ve not done a thing to encourage him.

I just don’t know what to do. I haven’t been and won’t ever be interested in him. But I’m unsure of how to handle the situation. Not to mention, I’m trying to get him to come to the Bible study because he doesn’t have any friends and he needs the Lord.

I feel a bit trapped. If I change my “sunny, happy-go-lucky” attitude, not only will everyone notice, but it would be awkward. I am that way towards everyone so if I suddenly change towards him but not anyone else that is definitely a recipe for disaster. And I could then also turn him away from the Lord and I really don’t want to do that. I believe his heart is open to the Father. He just won’t come to the study. But he is interested in what we are studying and he’s told me that my asking him to come has made him realize that God has not forgotten him.

Why must guys be so complicated? I just want to be a friend and to share Christ.