The Lord has been moving within my heart a lot recently especially in the area of forgiveness.

I do not like to apologize to people. Especially when I feel they don’t deserve it or that I’ve done nothing worth apologizing for. I admit I am a very proud person. But in the past two weeks I’ve apologized to at least three people when I really felt I didn’t have a need to say I’m sorry. But Lord lead me in that direction and I obeyed. Obedience is so sweet.

It’s not only been a humbling experience it’s been incredible to realize this is what Lord Jesus did for me. He said, “I’m sorry” to Father Love for me so that I, sinful, wicked, nasty as I am, could come before Him full of nothing but Christ and His grace and mercy.

How ridiculously sad and horrible life would be without the Father and His great love for me. I am beyond thankful.