I am not a very computer savvy person. And I have no problem letting the entire world know this fact. I use my computer for a few reasons:

1) The Internet
2) Paperwork
3) Games

I’m not an Internet guru either. But I like the internet. My favorite sites to visit are Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. If I’m online you can almost guarantee I’m on one of those three at all times. And if I can’t be at home Tweeting you can be sure I’m doing it from my cell. I love me some Twitter! I could go on and on about the wonders of Twitter.
Or I’m looking for coupons. Oh goodness. I could look for coupons all night and never get tired of it. (That is actually a lie. I need sleep more than I’ll ever need coupons. Lord forgive me.)

You’d be surprised how much paperwork one can do even if you aren’t in college. Man, I make chore charts, menus, write letters; heavens, I do a little bit of everything. But this is pretty boring.

And yes, I play games when I’m bored and want to fry my brain. It works.