This post is all about you and your sense of curiosity and you know, well, just in case you’re wondering where I am on a personal level with this whole online dating issue.

Let me tell you online dating is exhausting. Here I am almost into my third month on eHarmony and I’m tired of it. I not only get excited if I have a guy “close” the match, but every time I open my eHarmony account I hope and pray that at least one match is done!

Tonight I had four. Thank You Jesus!

I’m sure you are all tired of hearing about online dating so we’ll change the subject. Tanning. Yep. It’s that time of year again.

I refuse to use a tanning bed. They are nasty. I mean you get into a small area hundreds of other ladies have also crowded into and the idea of all of their germs getting on me…. uhhhh…. I don’t think so. That leaves tanning the natural way. I tan outside. Sometimes I just lay out, other times I use lotion, never tried baby oil (although, I’ve thought about it), basically, you just need to enjoy the sun. That is the best part. The warmth. The ability to nap outside in the sunshine. It’s lovely.

Are you watching American Idol this season? For some reason I never see the guys… only the girls. And the girls pretty much suck. Speaking of TV in general I keep up with about 4 shows. I never thought I’d be one of those people who get sucked into a TV show and not be able to stop watching it. But I am now. Here are my favorites:

1) Community. If you’ve ever attended a small, community college you will love Community too. If you haven’t, you will love it anyways. It’s just that funny.
2) White Collar. There are no words for how awesome this show is. It just is.
and 3) Glee. I love music. I love singing. I love movies. I love Glee because it combines all three into one amazing TV show.

Okay, so that’s only 3 shows, but still. That is a lot for this girl.

And I’m out. I am beyond exhausted mentally and physically.