My friend who sent me a message about online dating asked me two more great questions.

“Love eharmony.. but only have a basic profile… any way to escape the whole payment method to talk to people? Or, just using a discount will truly help?”

Cost is something to be aware of. It’s expensive to sign up on these sites. I had told my friend that they could Google eHarmony discount codes. It might take some time, but it would definitely be worth the search.

Another thing you can do if you want to put yourself out there but don’t want to pay is to create an email account for online dating purposes only. Why a separate account? Well, again, it would help create a sense of disconnect with the guy (or girl) so you are able to communicate without him (or her) getting into your personal space. I believe it’s vital to have this feeling of them not being in your “life” until you are ready. It will help keep you both in check.
So after you set up your email account, edit your eHarmony profile so that in your “More about Me” section it says something along these lines, “I have not paid for eHarmony, but if you want to contact me do so here: your email address.”.

I have not tried this. But I’ve seen guys who have done it. I’ve also seen where guys have written to contact them over Facebook. Yeahh… right. Anyways, if you try it let me know. I’d love to know if this works.