I have come to the conclusion in the past couple weeks that I love people. I mean, I truly love people. I don’t know when this happened but it’s true. It’s ridiculous. It’s scary. And just because I love you with the love of the Lord the first time we meet, but don’t expect me to *like* you.

That probably doesn’t make any sense. I don’t expect that it will. All I know is that I love people. But sometimes after you get to know someone they aren’t as lovable after you spend time with them. So I’ll continue to love them with the love of the Father and not necessarily like them.

I’ve also realized that I have no idea how to behave towards “good guys”. These are the guys you bring home to Dad, that love the Lord with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength, who are respectful, kind, and just a good ol’ boy. These guys scare the living daylights out of me.

Let’s face it: I know how to be flirtatious, I know how to be *dirty*, I know the right (i.e. wrong) things to say. In short, I know how to get and hold the attention of a “bad boy”.

Why do I bring this up? Because after coming off of a “chemistry high” with Mr. Fail, I’m failing to sense any chemistry with a “good guy”. Let me introduce you to Mr. Music. Mr. Music, not only loves Jesus, but he’s clean, loves his ministry, loves his family, loves people… I mean, basically, he loves everything that has to do with honoring the Lord. Which is incredible! I just don’t know what to do with him. Mr. Music scares me. And I don’t seem to feel any connection with him beyond a mutual love for the Lord.

That should be enough right? I don’t know. And I guess at this point I’m trying to be careful that I don’t brush him off just because I’m coming off of this chemistry/connection high with Mr. Fail.

So in an effort to see if Mr. Music and I have any chemistry, I’m going to a concert. Mr. Music is a rapper. Mr. Music is on tour. This is the closest Mr. Music will be to me in a long time.
We are planning to meet before the show. Hopefully, things will be very clear after coffee. Coffee clears everything up! Right…?
Pray for me. I’m nervous.