One of the things eHarmony does not tell you about are the billions of questions. eHarmony has “guided communication” as a step by step process before getting into emailing.

Step 1: Get to Know Each Other
This involves you asking and then answering five questions from a list composed by eHarmony.
Questions like “What do you think of “Soul Mates””, “How often do you find yourself laughing” or “Your idea of a romantic time would be”. Of course, gracious as eHarmony is, they also provide answers for you to chose from or you can write your own. Depends on what you feel like doing at that point.

Step 2: Must Haves and Can’t Stands
This is where you make a list (again, they provide you with options) of what you *must haves* and *can’t stands*. (wow. I bet you didn’t see that coming!) You can chose anything from “Emotionally Healthy”, “Sense of Humor”, “Energy Level”, “Patience”, “Chemistry” to “Family Life” for the *must haves*. They give you a description of each choice and if you wish, with every match you can switch out your choices.
The *can’t stands* include “Worrier”, “Lying”, “Cheating”, “Mean-spirited”, “Arrogant”, etc, etc. These also come with descriptions.

Step 3: Learn More About Him (or Her)
At this time you are able to ask five questions of your own or pick from another list they have so kindly made available to you. For examples, questions I’ve been asked have been of the following nature: “What is your favorite song or praise? And why?” and “What is your purpose in life” and so on.

Step 4: eHarmony Mail
Now you are able to freely email this person through your eHarmony email account.

Okay, so now you know exactly how eHarmony works. My problem is with all of the questions. Some I do not know how to answer… Such as “What do you think are the three best traits you have to offer to a partner?”

Um. Excuse me. One, I’m not your partner. Two, isn’t that a bit selfish at this point in the “relationship” to be asking that question… Hello! We are only at Step 3!

So now in order to get to the eHarmony mail I have to answer this question. I, being at a complete loss of words, decided to text some of my favorite people and ask them to describe me in three words. Some of the answers I’ve received:
“Compassionate, funny, and all-around incredible” (this one is sweet. not to mention I really love the person who sent it to me. which makes it even better.)
“Sarcastic, searching, and faithful” (I like the person who sent this one too… but not sure how to incorporate it into my answer…)
“Beautiful, strong-willed, gracious” (I could use the last two. Using the first would sound so, so vain.)
“Tyrant, merciful, and loving” (This might be my favorite. I am an oxymoron to this person. And that makes me wrinkle my forehead and laugh!)
“Studious, friendly, spiritual” (yeah, I ain’t studin’ nuthin’ right now…)
“Responsible, funny and down right pretty” (okay, so my best traits are that I’m funny and pretty. That’s not going to get me far in the world…)

There are more I don’t have time to type all of them. If you, my dear reader, have any suggestions, please comment and help me answer. 🙂 Have a great day!