O.M.G. I had worried about this happening. Mostly because it would be super embarrassing… and it definitely was super embarrassing. and shocking. and embarrassing. and I had no idea what to do.

On eHarmony, they present you with “new” matches almost every day. I received one today and it had a very familiar name with a very familiar town. It was not just familiar. I KNOW this guy in real life.

I mean, I went to church with him. I hung out with his family. I am his friend on Facebook! I… I… I. I know him. And I can’t believe eHarmony has matched me up with someone I personally know.

Seriously, I was shocked.

I closed the match because I wasn’t sure what else to do. And then he sent me a message on Facebook.

This whole “online dating” thing is… wow. I’m at a loss for words!