I’ve been doing some reading/researching. This whole being sick thing is not sitting well with me (literally and figuratively).
I went through the same routine: feel like I’m going to throw up, go clean the toilet, and sit in the bathroom for a while. I didn’t throw up. But it is very inconvenient to feel this way.

I decided to search (gotta LOVE Google) Morning Sickness Without Being Pregnant. Apparently, it’s possible. Stress can cause all kinds of horrible damage to your body if you don’t control it. Vitamin deficiencies, hair loss, nausea, and more. I’ve had all that (and the “more” part).

So I’ve been taking mountains of vitamins every day. Drinking peppermint tea when I get up and chamomile right before going to bed. Peppermint and chamomile are supposed to help with upset stomach issues. I’ve also noticed that chamomile tea helps me sleep like a rock. I feel like I’ve been sleeping for 10 – 12 hours and not just sleeping, but I mean *really* sleeping. It’s been amazing!

I don’t know if any of it’s really helping. I know the tea is helping in the mornings when my stomach is churning and I feel like I need to puke everywhere. But the vitamins I guess only time will tell.

I did realize today that stress is the real (and perhaps only) culprit in my having morning sickness (without being preggers). I received a very stressful phone call this morning (right after getting my stomach settled) concerning college. The “I feel like I need to puke” session started again but much more nauseating than before. I cried, drank my peppermint tea (which at that point wasn’t doing much to help), and cried some more. Then I called Dad. After talking to Dad, I cried some more, drank more tea (do you see a pattern?), took a shower and then called the college back where I proceeded to cry on the phone with the lady at the school. I think she felt sorry for me. I felt sorry for me.

So here I am… back in the Math class. Which I sooooo did not want to be in. When I talked to Dad he said I should just drop it after two weeks. But I’ve decided not to do that. The lady that called said there was an appeal process that can be made at the end of the semester if I don’t pass the Compass. I was a bit relieved because I’ve made A’s and B’s in all of my classes except one (attendance was optional so I opted out thus getting a D in that class. Moral of the story: If your prof says “Oh, you don’t have to attend. I don’t call role.” ATTEND. THE. CLASS. He is most likely crazy and it’s a trick to make sure you don’t pass. Worked on me.).

I have to go to work (hey, that is also a source of stress for me right now too). Bethany – I blame you entirely for this sudden need to blog (again) about everything that is going on in my life.