I could use some prayer. Because I’m so old I am no longer eligible for my Daddy’s insurance. This really sucks. If I had insurance available I’d be going to see a doctor. And for those of you who know me *really* well you know that is a big deal.

My reasons for wanting to see a doctor? Well, I’ve thrown up for no reason twice in the past week. Also during the past week I’ve spit up bloody mucus. And Wednesday night at the RG Smooch Up (Bible Study) I felt like I was having a hard time breathing. Needless to say, I’m a bit worried.

I’ve basically had a cough or some form of sickness since I started working at Rite Aid. You can ask my family. I’ve been more sick in the past 6 months than I have even been my entire life. It’s getting ridiculous.

So last night I was driving through the movie theater parking lot and guess what? My brakes went out. It’s back to the van for me. I truly hate that. But I’m trying not to hate so much. I want to have a positive attitude (which is very hard for me).

I now officially have 15 credit hours. Two will go away once I tell my French Prof that I can’t go to France with her (B – DO NOT FREAK OUT). And then the great debate is on! Which classes to drop so that I only have, oh lets say, around 6 – 8 credit hours…? 😉 I only need four for HOPE and I’m trying to majorly de-stress. I have two histories (one of those are going to away) and then Intro to Criminology (which I’m really interested in). But I want to keep one History, and the Crim class and my French class, and my Jogging class… yeah, I might as well have a full schedule.

Okay, well, I just ate my leftover Mexican from yesterday and now my stomach doesn’t feel so great (not my greatest idea after throwing up I guess). And I have to go to work. If you are still reading why don’t you comment? It would make my day.