It’s been a month since I’ve blogged. Actually, over a month. But blogging wasn’t my friend during December so I didn’t even attempt. Or perhaps expressing everything I was feeling wasn’t going to be easy and so not blogging was the best way for me to ignore those feelings. Oh, how I love ignoring the hard things in life. And, to be honest, the only reason I’m blogging now is because Bethany asked me. So here I am. Hi blogging world. It’s been a while.

Ignoring the hard things in life makes me think of college: I didn’t pass the compass. I passed my math class with a B, but the compass test? Um… yeah. Where to do go from here? I really have no idea. I haven’t flat out refused to retake the math class and then the compass, but I sure didn’t sign up for the class. And I’m definitely looking for ways around it. The idea of standardized testing is so irritating to me. I know the material, I could and would do well in a “college level” math class, but because of some stupid test, I can’t take any math or science classes.
Then to make matters worse, the idea that I am of no “good” without a college degree in the workplace leaves me bitter and utterly angry with the world in which I live. I am a hard worker, I am intelligent (not by any great means, but more than some for sure), and I know that whatever I put my mind, hands and souls towards I would succeed (whether by know-how, force, or whatever it took). All that to say I hate the thought that I can’t succeed in life without a college degree.
By the way, classes start back next Tuesday. I’m dreading it. I don’t really want to go back to school. I’m tired and I want a break. A very long break. Longer than a month. Yeah, that’s not happening. I’m taking two classes on campus and the rest online. I’m sick of driving back and forth. So 12 credit hours, two days a week, I can totally handle that! Oh, and then I’ll be working 20 – 25 hours a week at work, and I need to finish (really start) the dining room. Finding, rather, making time, has been harder than I thought it would be. But I only need four more hours to receive HOPE so that is the main reason I’m taking classes this Spring.
Not sure what I’m doing after Spring. Madame is moving to France so no more French classes at MGC (at least with her) and I really want to keep up the French. I am applying to Kendall College. Hopefully, my application will be complete by the end of next week. That is my goal anyways.

On to other news: I can tell Bethany has gotten past all of the humdrum of wedding planning. How? Well, there have been very long post on my fb wall all week. Which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed; it’s been good to “talk” to my sister like we used to before she got a boy toy. And while we’re halfway talking about weddings I’ve noticed that wedding planning brings out one of two sides in every person involved. And it doesn’t matter if they are up to their hair in wedding veil material or just throwing rice at the newly-wed couple as they run to their getaway car. Wedding planning either makes people very happily unselfish or very arrogantly selfish. How I saw this time and again with Bethany’s wedding right up to the day she was getting married. It was very sad and shows that people are stupid.

Did you keep up any of your New Years Resolutions from 2009? Here’s mine from ’09:
1. Complete as many college classes as possible.
2. Lose 30-40 pounds
3. Read one book a week (anyone want to do this with me and see who wins?!)
4. Buy a car (haha! we’ll see how this goes!)
5. Paint like crazy
6. Exercise once a day
7. Get up early (like before 7am!)

How I lined up?
1) Definitely completed as many as possible (12 classes between Spring, Summer and Fall)
2) Not sure how much I lost, but I went down two jean sizes, then back up one. I’m pleased with that.
3) Yeah, that didn’t last more than a week I think…. 🙂
4) Did not buy one, but since Bethany got married, I did get her car. Check!
5) I’m pretty sure I was talking about art, not walls in the house, so yeah, that didn’t turn out so well either.
6) I did okay with this one. I know I didn’t exercise every day, but I’d like to say I was close!
7) Why I wrote that I have no idea. It was stupid. Any time before 7am is ungodly and should be left to the dogs.

I didn’t make any Resolutions for twenty-ten. None. Not even one. Probably a good thing. I don’t know. Oh, well, who cares?!

Okay, I’m done. I need to go put on warmer clothes so I can endure another night of RG smooching up to Angela aka “Bible Study”.

Bethany – I love you. You are the BEST sister in the world. 🙂