It’s been weird in a way. I mean, I don’t have many “girl friends” and in the past two weeks I’ve become friends with two different girls who are amazing. They love Jesus and I haven’t had that in forever.

I just feel like this is another way the Lord is saying, “Lydia, I love you and I know what you need, what you desire and even though you couldn’t see that you needed the friendship of godly women, I could and I have provided. Be encouraged. I am watching over you.”

I spend three hours with a girl from my pysch class tonight at Starbucks, drinking coffee and talking about life. I haven’t had this many female friends who love the Lord ever. In fact, I’ve only really had my sisters and maybe one other friend. Now I have three plus my sisters.

And what makes this really amazing is the fact that I’ve been worried about people I spend a lot of time around and I wasn’t sure what to do because I desire fellowship with females. But out of the three women I spend most of my time with, only one was truly seeking the Lord and it was/is so easy to get pulled into selfish thinking, and to talk about things I really shouldn’t be talking about. I had not even prayed about my concern of who I was spending a lot of time with because I didn’t feel like there was anything that could be done about it. I mean, I spend a lot of time around those women. But, yet again, the Lord has provided without me asking. I am so insane. Crazy for doubting Him. Selfish, ungrateful, and just plain stupid for choosing not to trust.

God, forgive me. I repent of my wicked ways. I know I will sin again because I am human, and I stumble all the time, but Lord I pray You will keep my faith strong. Lift me up and reveal Your glory to me. Thank You for answering unspoken prayers. Thank you for providing godly women to be my friends. I do not deserve Your love but I thank You that You give so freely.