I think I just failed my first French test. It’s all my own fault though. I haven’t been doing my homework. I wondered today if I should have started over and taken French 1101 again. It would have really helped ground me in the language.

I was sick over the weekend. I don’t think it was the flu or anything like that. I think I have been so stressed that my body said “Enough is enough! You need to rest.” And I did. For two days I did nothing but sit on the couch. Drink juice. Watch movies. Sleep. It was marvelous! But now I’m back in the real world. And I’ve decided to make my life process of elimination. I have made a list of everything that is causing me stress and then I’m going to make a plan to eliminate them. The list was rather long… But that’s okay. All of it are things that can be taken care of and life will be good.

I told my professor that I couldn’t go on the six week trip. I hated telling her but she not only understood, she was thankful. It sounds bad doesn’t it? But it wasn’t really going to work for her to go and she was holding out for me… or at least that’s how it sounded when we talked this morning. She is going to get me information on the spring break trip and we’ll go from there. I want to go to France so badly!

Well, I’m gonna go. Being on the computer at the BCM always makes me nervous… never know who will/could hack your stuff!