My brothers are…. wow. When I was a kid we didn’t have Wii or internet or gameboys or whatever else it is that they play all the time. We didn’t have over 200 channels on the tv. In fact, we had one that we were allowed to watch and that was PBS. AND we were only allowed 30 minutes a day. Amazingly we were all okay with that and we were all able to agree on one show to watch. Beyond that we were outside, or playing legos, or a board game, or we played with our Matchbox cars. We interacted, we got along and sometimes I just can’t stand how much arguing goes on over these stupid, needless, accessories. They can barely agree on a show to watch and heaven forbid they have to go over four hours without the tv, wii or whatever.

What I would have given growing up for 10 acres, woods, a creek! I wouldn’t have ever come inside.

So I tell my brothers to take a day off and to do something productive. What do I get in return? Complaints, arguments, complaints, arguments, complaints… I think you get the picture.