I’m drinking David’s coffee. It’s like tar. You really have no idea. It burns going down and I love it! We make the Cary Grant method coffee. You know pour the coffee grounds until you have way more coffee than you do water. If you haven’t seen the movie Walk, Don’t Run you’ve missed out. It’s super cute!

I have to go to work in 30 minutes. I really don’t want too. Blah.

I met a guy. He loves Jesus. He’s got a job, a house, and and he’s only 22 seems to have his head on straight. I want to get to know him better. We’ll see what happens. Meg, you need to come for the concert. Seriously. Guys seem to be jumping out of the woodwork’s down here.

I’m going to the shooting range this Sunday. Jonathan is taking me. I think I might take David with me. He doesn’t know yet. But I feel like I need someone there so Jonathan won’t be as prone to put his hands on me. He’s never inappropriate, but always on the line. I also invited the guy who is going to take me hunting. Jonathan doesn’t know that either. 🙂 I don’t know if he will like that fact. *evil grin*

I am so excited about Josh Bales coming to sing. You have no idea. Oh, I don’t have a problem with little kids coming as long as they don’t interrupt the concert. I feel like I should put that out there.

I love it when my profs know my name. I have three classes and all of my profs know my name. That just makes me feel special or something! ha! I know, it’s crazy. But there are quite a few kids at that college and knowing that they know who I am makes me want to go to class. This weight training class is CRAZY!!! There are so many jocks, too many stuck-up guys in this class. But I’m enjoying the exercise. There are only three girls (not including me) in my French class. Do you know how amazing that is going to be? More one on one time with Madame Knight; less pressure to get things correct; more room to get to know my classmates. I’m going to like this. I’m sitting in the very back of my math class. And the guys that I’m sitting next to are insane! They like to talk. Hopefully I’ll get something out of this class!

Cabinets are finished now I’m just trying to get everything back on a shelf and it be organized. I need to do this soon because the Bible study is at my house next week and the house needs to be somewhat clean! *smiles* I’m really excited about it being at my home. I love having people over.

I’m gonna run. I need to finish my coffee and brush my teeth. Have a great weekend. Be safe. Have fun. Comment on my blog! *laughs* I’m teasing, but also serious. It’s depressing when I blog all the time and don’t get a response. Ben, you can comment too you know!