It hit me tonight that I was being really selfish concerning my relationship with the Lord. I had gotten to the point that I wasn’t sure if I even cared about my relationship with Father Love. Because what had He done for me? Nothing. I was only mad because I didn’t have a guy. But I don’t even want a guy (except for one reason and that isn’t a good one).

So I broke down and cried. I do care about my relationship with my Lord and Savior. I’m tired of being selfish and prideful and lying to myself (He has done sooo much more for me than I deserve).

I hope this rebellious season is over. It’s exhausting living for your own desires.

Dad asked me tonight if RG read my blog. Good night. I hope not. I don’t think he does. But it would be interesting if he did.
He has a kitten hanging around his house. Which is really funny to me because he doesn’t like cats. I was holding the kitten and he asked me what I was going to name it. I told him if I named it he would have to keep it… he didn’t agree. But I said I would name it Robert. hahaha!! I thought that was really clever. But it turns out Robert is a girl so it’s now Roberta. *grins*

That reminds me. I need to bathe Sheba. She is so nasty. She is white… well, she’s suppose to be white, but she’s a grayish/brown color.

I made brownie batter pancakes today. They were like flat, round brownies. The boys loved them. No, I didn’t let them have syrup. They didn’t need it. They were worried about getting in trouble for eating brownie pancakes though. I laughed at them! Ha! I’ve given them ice-cream for breakfast before. Surely brownie pancakes aren’t any worse! And I cooked scrambled eggs to go with it. So they had something healthy. 🙂

I’ve been buying a Sunday paper every week. For the coupons. I have been saving quite a bit on groceries doing this. I need to cut out the coupons and organize them. But buying groceries is so much more rewarding when you save money doing it. Makes my heart happy.

Well, good night friends. I need some sleep. I’m getting up by at least 8am today because I need to paint. I slept until 11:40 this morning and the only reason I woke up was because the house phone rang and it was in my room. I could have thrown that phone to China it made me so mad. And then I was really surprised when I saw what time it was. Anyways… I do need to paint tomorrow and I need sleep before doing that. So good night.