I am sitting in my favorite (and the only) coffee shop in Toccoa. I can’t help but remember all of the times Bethany, Meg and I sat here and drank coffee, talked about boys, laughed and just loved life.

Bethany is at work so I have a couple hours to do whatever I want until lunch. We are going to have lunch together. In the meantime, I am going to buy that girl some food. Her cabinets are bare and you don’t even want to look in her fridge.

Last night we went to church with the boy toy (he LOVES that nickname! hahaha! not really.) and his posse. I know I probably won’t explain his job well enough for you to understand. But what you (and Ben) need to know is that those young men are incredible. I was telling Marianna the other day that while I don’t notice eye color very often I do notice what is being said by the heart through a persons eyes. You could see and feel the love pouring out of those young men for Ben and Bethel (their nickname for Bethany!). Their eyes said their hearts were soft and open. I really enjoyed hanging out with them. Next time I come up I plan to bake them something from scratch.

Oh, I feel like I need to let Ben know that I am very sarcastic. So if I pick or tease, it’s probably just sarcasm. I approve of you. I think you are good for Bethany. So no worries. We are on the same side. 🙂

I forgot to tell you guys that I made a B in math and A’s in my other two classes! I was praying for a C, so I was really surprised when my grades came in.

Well, I have just finished my muffin that was entirely too big and am now going to go shopping. I’ll get to use my Ingles card (as I do about once a year!).