I am supposed to be painting. But there have been tons of roadblocks this morning. For one, I told Joe the other day that if he left the paint brushes outside they would get bugs on them. Guess what happened? Yeah, they were left outside and were ruined. So I had to buy new brushes. Then I had to get Joe gas in the truck and run to Cochran to get my final grade (by my profs request). Guess who wasn’t in his office? Dr. C. was nowhere to be found. So I made a trip to Cochran for no reason. That was a bit frustrating. My grades haven’t been posted yet. I keep checking probably twice day to see if they have been. I really just want to know what I made in Math and Health. The Computer class I don’t care about at all.

I might be going to see Bethany Wednesday. I’ll spend the night and then come home. I need to see Bethany. She calms me and makes me want to be a better version of myself. Goodness, I need that right now.
Speaking of Bethany, I really think that if she and Ben want a country song to claim as their own they should go with “Then” by Brad Paisley. http://www.myspace.com/bradpaisley besides the fact that it reminds me of them every time I hear it, I just want “Whatever It Is” back. It was my song way before Ben was B’s boy toy (to prove my point: http://augusttinker.blogspot.com/2009/04/makes-my-heart-melt.html). And when did Bethany start listening to country music?! I have listened to it for ages and now all the sudden since she’s dating Ben she likes country? Ben. I know you read my blog. Do you listen to country on a daily basis? I’m just wondering where she got this love for country without me being there, refusing to let one else drive, listening to it as loud as it will get and dancing like a crazy white girl without any rhythm. 🙂 I seriously love country music.

I think all of my siblings are sick or getting sick. I’m forcing them to take Airborne. And praying I don’t get sick. I hate being sick.

I’ve gotta go. Spank is finished vacuuming and I need to paint now. And also make the boys do their chores.