Taking three summer classes in one summer session was by far the stupidest thing I have ever done. I will never do that again. It’s over. It’s all over. I took my last and final exam for this summer semester. Praise the Lord! I wondered for a while if I was going to die! I can be so dramatic. But seriously, I thought for while this past week that I was going crazy!

I have ended this semester with knots all in my back. I plan to go see a massage therapist next week. My shoulders and neck are so sore, so full of pain and I feel the knots. I can’t decide if I want the deep tissue massage or the hot stone therapy. Both sound amazing!

Dad is making hamburgers for lunch. I need to get dressed for work and then I guess I should go pick up my score for my final today. I won’t get around to it Monday. I plan to paint kitchen cabinets, read a book, and lay out in the sun! I have so much free time! Hopefully, I will feel refreshed before fall classes (August 18th baby!) start!