I don’t have to be at work until 3pm. Yay me! I’m excited about that. That means, I have a a couple hours to do homework, do some yoga and write a blog! I’m loving this!

Okay, first things first… could someone please tell me what they believe chemistry (between a man and a woman) means/looks like/feels like? Is it important to the relationship?

Mario? What is your formula for knowing what is too old or too young? I can’t remember off the top of my head. Half your age, minus or plus 7?

I’m feeling a bit better. I’ve gotten used to A being gone and there are aspects of having my own room that I LOVE. I won’t share them, because there are some guys who read (and don’t comment) who don’t need to know about that part of my life. And I’ve also realized that throwing my clothes on the floor is just part of who I am. I can’t help it. It comes naturally! Also, why, since I’ve cleaned my room, can’t I find my other black flip flop? I have one, not the other…. not cool.

I have eaten at least two peaches every day this past week. It’s been amazing! But I fear they are on the verge of going super soft so ice-cream, cobbler, etc will be on the menu in the next week. And probably freezing tons of them!

I am trying to work out a house concert with Josh Bales. He and I have been emailing for the past week trying to work out details. RG is pumped and has very kindly said yes to my rude question as to if I could borrow his house. 🙂 He is amazing. Josh has said about 50 people… RG is thinking as many as we can fit in his house and are willing to pay $5-8 bucks. I’m cool with that!

I need to go. Yoga is so calling my name and I am lovin’ hearin’ it’s voice! Pray for me. I have two more tests in my math class and I really need to do somewhat well on them! Right now, I’m pretty sure I have a C in this class… I suck at math. But I’m okay with that. I just need to pass!