I’m sitting on the floor of my VERY clean room… crying. I feel very lonely. I miss A. I miss B. I wish they were both home.

Do you realize that one day they will both be gone forever and I will here all by myself? Man, my life sucks.

I admit it. I am burnt out. I don’t want to go to class tomorrow. I want to stay home. I want to do yoga. Read a good book. I want life to be uncomplicated. I want it to be free of struggles for a couple hours. This weekend has not been long enough. Life is breaking my heart right now. I feel so weak.

I hate feeling weak. I hate being burnt out. I hate that I am so prideful.

I will survive. I know I will and what’s more I will not only survive, I will thrive. Life is an adventure that won’t defeat me no matter how rough the road gets at times. I have two weeks and I will finish strong. In the meantime, I will suck it up and move forward. There is no going backwards for this baby girl.

I need to plan my week schedule. Good night.