Today is the first day I’ve had “spare time” since Summer classes started. I had a test in all three of my classes and then no homework. It has been amazing. I spent all day getting the kitchen in shape to prime some more cabinets. I have kilz all over me. But I got half of the cabinets ready to be painted.

Classes are going well. I’m enjoying them greatly. But between work and class and homework I basically do not have a life. Although I do seem to have time to make my siblings mad. And I have time to quickly eat and sleep about 7 hours a night. Oh, and this week, I’ve been making time for the gym. That has been my life since summer classes started.

My vow ends in two days. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I have enjoyed not even being able to consider dating for the last month. Not that I haven’t done that. I’ve failed my fast miserably. The only part of my fast that I’ve kept is the part to keep me from being an emotional eater. Praise the Lord He is forgiving. I am the worst of all sinners. I have repented more this past month than I probably have my entire life.

So two days and, boy, if I had money I would buy a coke. But I’m broke and all my loose change is in my Starbucks jar. Which I will probably using this Saturday when I drive to ATL with my 10 bucks of gas. My dearest and favorite “big brother” in the world is getting married. Thank You Jesus I can check boys out without feeling guilty and having to repent! It is not my fault You gave this girl eyes. It’s not a sin to look only what I do after looking… 😉

Well, I’m off to bed. It’s about my bedtime and I need to brush my teeth and put my pj’s on. Pray I get some free time again. I need to finish these cabinets.