Wow. What an honor to be a guest blogger on Lydia’s blog. 

I’m Bethany, Lydia’s rarely-think-of-myself-as-older sister. It’s an honor, really, to be related to Lydia and know that the same blood that runs through my veins is shared by her. That is a gift. 

Beyond the privilege of being family, Lydia is fabulous. Really, she is. Please. Let me brag about my sister. 

She has soul. She is seriously a sistah, you know, the kind that Claudia Mair Burney talks about in her books. Lydia may be freckled and blue-eyed, but deep down, the color of her soul is mocha. She has got sass and it makes that southern accent of hers get a little more ghetto. 

No one else can quite make me laugh like Lydia.  That girl can make me double-over and leave me gasping for air type of laughter. Lydia delights my heart in a way that completely is set apart from anyone else. To use her own words, she is “sooo stinkin’ funny!!”. If anyone thinks otherwise, get to know my sister, I dare you. 

She knows the heartbeat of my soul, the heartbeat of my mind. She is a prayer warrior like no one else, I know. She spends more time in the Word, more time on her knees, than anyone else I know – hands down. 

Lydia can make anything. Anything. Lydia walks into a kitchen, her fingers create magic in the form of food. Gourmet, come-back-beggin’-for-more, signature dishes. Enjoy her creations, take a second serving, but just don’t ask for the recipe. She won’t give it to you. She’ll love you with food – absent the recipe attached to the dish. 

Her passions run deep as the ocean’s waters, bold as a cup of Cary Grant coffee, and as rich as chocolate. That is my sister; but that is only the beginning. You can’t simply summarize her, and walk away feeling like you gotten a full grasp of Lydia. That’s simply silly. 

It is a sincere pleasure to be invited into her blog world. Lydia cherishes you, her readers. She talks about you; she lets her see you just as she is…So, to be invited to write alongside her, my goodness! It’s a pleasure. I’m sure we will become good friends. If nothing else, because I will ride on the coattails of your devotion to Lydia. Which is fine – I’m completely okay with writing in the shadow of such a incredible woman.