I miss the ocean. Every morning I would get up, put my bathing suit on and go to the beach. I would take walks down the shoreline… okay, I admit, I was walking about knee-deep in the water. I miss the smell of salt. I want to go back.

We arrived home Sunday afternoon. I promptly began uploading pictures and videos to Facebook. It was so much fun going back through them and remembering all of our crazy good times.

I am babysitting this morning so I only have time to leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the week! I’m sure I’ll post more later!

I got a nice tan while at St George Island!

We were being so goofy! The ocean would rush up and coldly (literally and figuratively) hit the wrong spot.

We are so tough! I love this picture for so many reasons. One, because we are being ourselves. Two, because we really are that tough. We won’t let the world stop us.

I had tons of kite problems. I can’t really fly a kite that well nor can I hold it still when it needs to be still.

Umm…. I tried to keep my dress out of the water. It didn’t work. I keep pulling it up, but I guess I just went deeper into the ocean so holding it didn’t help at all!

Have a great day friends! I have much to blog about to come back often!