I love painting. I’m not that good, but I love it. Here is some of the stuff I’ve painted since the beginning of the year.

This one I painted today. It is like all you can see is the shadow of a person, and even though it’s just a shadow, you keep reaching for that person nonetheless, but all you get is nothing. Just bits and pieces, shapes and memories of that person.

I also painted this one today. It’s supposed to be the sky over a body of water. This picture doesn’t really make it look that great. But I really like it.

A waterfall I did a couple months ago.

This picture is kind of an upside down picture to me. The sun is supposed to be setting over crashing ocean waves… but it doesn’t look like it’s setting in the right direction… 🙂

My Marine…. can you tell?!

A foggy winter night… I really like this one as well.

And of course, how could I paint without painting my favorite thing ever?! Coffee! Oh, Coffee, how I love Thee!

Wow. That was lame and cheesy. Yeah, I’m tired. I’m going to bed.