Guess what I smelled this evening? *smiles* Honeysuckles. I love honeysuckles. They remind me of my childhood and growing up running through the backyard playing cowboy and indians with my siblings and having to stop for a honeysuckle snack.

It made me think of all the things I could never get tired of… like the smell of wood burning. This is the smell of men to me. I don’t know why but when I smell its smokey haze I think of very masculine men and it makes me happy every time.

Salty ocean air. Oh, how I love the ocean. I love standing right on the edge and letting the water lick my toes and the sand draw my feet into its depths. I don’t like to drink ocean water but I love the way it taste.

Roses. By far my favorite flower. I love them. They are beautiful. They remind me of myself. Sometimes I feel like I draw people in but I never let them get too close with my thorns to protect.

Rich, moist black dirt. I love walking barefoot in black dirt. It’s soft and cold and makes me giggle like a little girl! I’m always careful though. I don’t like the thought of stepping on a worm.

The morning dew or the air right after it has been raining. Everything is fresh. It beckons you to come outside and linger awhile in the morning light or the afternoon breeze.

Fireflies. They are some of the only good memories I have of growing up in Tennessee. Remember running in the cold evening grass and catching them in mason jars? Then we moved to GA and you rarely see them here. I miss them. Little fairies twinkling in the moonlight.

Other things that melt my heart and make me smile: The sun warming my skin. A hug from Jared. He makes my day. The moon begging for an audience. An email from Reid. Oh my word. I love that kid. He makes me laugh and I can’t wait to hang out with him soon. Water racing over rocks. Spending a day talking about boys with Candace. I had a such a wonderful time. Driving with the windows down and the music up. Hearing my family talking, laughing or even arguing in the background. Comments on my blog – you have no idea how it warms my heart. Biking. I think I could do it all day. Time spent with Bethany. Knowing, believing and evening feeling how much God loves me.