This is my dish. It’s part of my set for whenever I have my own home. I’ve never used it before. I’m not even going to eat off it tonight. I just love it and wanted to use it for my photo shoot!

Here is what it really looks like. I love brown.

I cooked supper for the first time in forever! Don’t you want to know what’s under the foil and lid?!

Garlic bread. I have started buying bread from the bakery section of the grocery store. It doesn’t cost that much more and it taste 100% better! I sliced the bread. Crushed some garlic into my butter and then melted it a bit. Brushed in on the bread and stuck it in the oven.

I made home-made creamed corn. One of my favorite ways to eat corn. I had a bag of frozen corn so I dumped it in a pot, poured some fresh cream (skimmed it off the milk myself!), a bit of sugar and cornstarch to thicken it, and some salt and pepper.

Baked sweet potatoes! Need I say more?! I love sweet potatoes!

Eh. Green beans. Who cares?! I just needed something green for my family to eat. I’m not a fan… can you tell?

A little too much liquid. I’m always afraid of burning the bottom. Oh well. This flounder will have a bit of a kick to it. It is coated with paprika and black pepper with lemon juice for the liquid.

The food and model plate! I haven’t eaten yet and I’m starving! It looks sooo good!

I haven’t cooked much since starting college. But every now and then I get in the mood to cook! I love cooking and making stuff from scratch! Feast your eyes on this while I go feast it literally!