I am trying to study. But I can’t concentrate. There are people chopping on chips and it’s really getting on my nerves right now. Anyone who knows me well knows I can’t stand the sound of people chewing. I’ve gotten better about ignoring it but it still bothers me. I seriously had to stop myself from telling this lady to tell her kids to chew with their mouths closed. I mean come on! Don’t we teach manners to children anymore?! It’s nasty people! CHEW WITH YOUR STINKIN’ MOUTHS CLOSED!!!! It’s not even that hard!

Wow. I feel much better. It was/is driving me bonkers. I’ve got my headphones in and Dave is blaring in my ears. Gotta love some Dave Barnes. Especially when you are irritated. He makes everything better.

I’ve been people watching. That is one of my favorite things to do. I love watching faces. And to see what makes people smile, frown, etc. And there are always so many different people here. I also like listening to other people’s conversations. Definitely another favorite thing to do. I’m beginning to realize I have lots of favorites. 🙂

I think since I’m in Wartown I’m gonna go to Starbucks later. I left because Joe was mad at me and I didn’t want to be around his bad attitude anymore. All I did was ask him to unclog the bathroom sink because it’s not draining and I’m sick of it. He was the only boy around and so I asked him… well, I demanded he do something about it. So he got mad. Oh well. Who cares.

I had two different guys call me “pet” names today. That was a first in a long time. One called me “Love” more than twice and the other called me “Hun”. haha. They are funny kids so it’s cool. And one of them asked me if I was dating RG. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done anything with RG?! Months. Since we were snowed in in Athens at least. I haven’t been going to the BCM Bible study with him. I’ve barely seen him since the beginning of March so I don’t know why people (still) think we are “together”. We are not together. Although he is supposed to call me later today. But he probably won’t. He never calls when he says he will.

I ate chili beans, turkey sausage and kale cooked in the cast iron skillet for lunch. It was actually pretty nasty. Marianna said I needed to be out on the trail, with a wagon cooking over a fire like a pioneer woman. 🙂 She’s so funny.

Alright, I’m going to try to get back on the French. We’ll see how well that goes. I think I may need to go some place people aren’t eating. Or I just may go home. I told J-Mar I might go to the Hanger. I haven’t made up my mind yet. J-Mar is so sweet. He makes me happy. Okay, I’m done.

*Edit: I have never been with RG. I’ve just had people ask me in the past if we were dating. That’s one of the reasons I stopped doing so much with him… because I was sick of it. He would never date me so stop asking people. It’s beginning to be really nerve racking.