Goodness. I am beyond stinkin’ tired. Do you ever feel like cussing for no reason? Well, sometimes I do. Now is one of those times. I think it’s because I’m so tired… I don’t know. I’m tired of the rain.

Thursday I came home from classes packed and showered (completely dressed, hair and makeup done!) in an hour and then left for Toccoa. Stayed up late chatting with Bethany and Audrey (she is amazing! I love her!). By late I mean 11:30pm. I never stay up that late! Got up at 6 maybe 7am I don’t remember. But we left by 8… I think. I can’t remember. My brain is shot! I drove well over 22 hours in three days. Anyways, got to TN, hung out at their house for a while and then went to the dress rehearsal stayed up late again (did I mention that the time changes so my head was all messed up!). Saturday was the wedding. It was long, but fun. After the wedding and reception we stayed to clean up. It was cool. Then Sunday I drove another 10 hours home. Insane!!!

I didn’t have my tea date with Miah. I hated it. I wanted to hang out with him so badly and more than just during the rehearsal and wedding. Which was tons of fun but I realized that, uh… there is no way I could see him as a brother. I haven’t spent that much time with him in years and he has grown into an incredibly hott young man. Yeah. I just said that. So since schedules were crazy we’re going to have our tea date next time I’m up there. If he didn’t have a girlfriend I’d so be crushing…

I found out who CoolGuy is… and was very surprised! I would have never guessed. But it’s cool (no pun intended). I’ve enjoyed “getting to know” CoolGuy through my blog. Sorry I missed you today but I left early because I had tons of homework.

Well, I’m going to finish getting ready for bed. My teeth need to be brushed. To my Girls – CoolGuy is right. You should comment! It would make my day!