Man. This has been a week already. I’m wanting it to end so it can all be in the far past. My eyes hurt from crying and I feel like that’s all I’ve done this week. I hate crying because someone always tells me to suck it up. I hate that. Sometimes I just want to cry and I don’t feel like I can.

I’ve done barely any homework this week and that is not good. Tomorrow after class I’m going off to study all day until it’s time for the Bible study. Especially since I’m leaving Thursday for TN. The wedding is this weekend. I’m not really excited.

I want coffee… and chocolate… and good food. I haven’t had supper and I’m pretty hungry. Milk sounds really good too. I think I need food. haha.

I have too much to do between now and Thursday. I need to make a list. So I’m off to do that. Pray for me. I need it right now.