CoolGuy really hit me where it hurts. And it hurts for several reasons.

1) It’s true. My social life revolves around church.
2) I don’t really see a way to fix it the above.
3) I don’t know where godly men hang out when they aren’t at church; which I guess would fix the above two.
4) Finding a different/bigger church with a larger singles group for twenty-somethings really isn’t an option right now.

Either I tell you guys everything or it’s just really easy to read between the lines. I don’t hang out with very many people. My life consist of going to school, coming home, working on homework (which I’ve really not done today) and that’s about it except for Wednesday and Sunday when I go to church.

I realize I complain about men not being men and stepping up to the plate and for that I apologize to CoolGuy. I am sorry. You probably think I’m very sexist. But in my defense I’ve been raised to believe the guy makes the first move. I don’t want to change that belief either. I love the idea of being pursued. I say the idea because I’ve never had it happen to me so it is just an idea.
Maybe I am hiding under a rock. I don’t know. I do know that within my social circles there aren’t many men (I’m including church and the BCM) whom I would consider. Maybe my standards are too high. I don’t know… but I don’t think they are.

This subject could quickly become very complicated and many of the issues I don’t want to go into over a blog. But suggestions for where/how to put myself in social circles would be interesting and even appreciated.

By the way, CoolGuy, thanks for the sweet reminder not to hang around godly men by myself…. but I do that anyways. If it makes you feel better I only hang around two guys by myself and I trust them with my life.