I just took some of my younger siblings to eat at McDonald’s for lunch. We do this about once a month when it’s grocery day and there is nothing in the house to eat. I am heading out the door when Anna comes to me and says, “We can’t go. We only have the truck.” I grinned, “Sure we can. Go load up.”

We start teasing about looking like Mexican’s (I apologize in advance if I offend anyone) because we are going to be squished in our terribly small Ford. Then I get a brilliant idea. I can stick the boys in the bed of the truck! So I tell them to get back there and they are ecstatic! David refuses so he sits with Anna and me on the bench seat. I told them they could lay down, sit on their butts or sit with the three of us in the truck. They decided to sit on their butts.

So I drive into town with them in the back. While we were driving on our road they were sitting up straight but once we got onto the road to go to town they started ducking every time a vehicle would pass! It was soo stinkin’ funny!

I have a video to post later. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear the sound because it’s not from my cell! I just laughed and laughed! After lunch we dropped Anna off at work and then I took them for a longer drive. They were doing the wave, hooping like Indians, and catching bugs in their mouths! Spank told Micah to spit them out and he did! Of course the spit came back and hit him in the face! Oh goodness. I love my siblings! I am going to miss them so much when I leave in the fall. What am I going to do without them?