*smiles* I just looked at my last blog and that picture is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! haha! I took terrible! Goodness, I felt horrible earlier. But I’m much better now. My brother and I worked it all out. Can I just say I love my siblings! They are simply amazing.

I am sick of the rain. Completely sick of it. I wish the sun would shine and shine and shine! The rivers are almost to the point of flooding. I just about skipped class today. I hate the thought of missing class but I was really worried about the river. I decided to see if the water was over the bridge before making up my mind. It wasn’t over so I went to class.

Did you know yesterday was Debbie Reynold’s birthday? Well, it was and on TCM yesterday they were showing all kinds of Debbie Reynold movies. So I recorded some of them. Today I realized that one of the movies I recorded was one I’ve wanted to see for over 10 years. My parents bought That’s Entertainment III when I was 8 or 9. I memorized that movie. Literally memorized it. That’s Entertainment is a collection of clips from MGM movies, interviews, and fun facts about the stars from that time. There was one clip that was just a sliver of a clip with Debbie Reynold’s and from that small sliver I decided I wanted to watch the movie that contained it. But That’s Entertainment didn’t say what the name was so I’ve spent the last 12 or so years wanting to watch that movie. The name of that movie was Two Weeks With Love and I watched it tonight. I loved it.

Wow. What a day. It’s way past my bedtime. I am so tired. I’m not going to set my alarm tonight. I’m going to sleep until I wake up. I haven’t done that in forever. I’m looking forward to it. I deserve a day off now and then don’t I?

I would like to know why, if there are good guys out there, just why they are hiding under rocks as CoolGuy says? I wish guys would actually be men and ask a girl out or something. For heaven’s sake. Do you know how many girls I know that are single who would love it if a godly man pursue them? Way too many. I’m too tired to think intelligently about this right now. I’m going to bed. It’s taken me about 2 hours just to write all of this. Good night friends.