Random thoughts of the day: I’m eating leftover Chinese food. I really like Chinese food. I plan to mow the grass today. English and Sociology are my main focus as far as homework is concerned. Oh my goodness! I need to call Mrs. Sherri today. I loved my French class today.

Enough of what is going through my head… My biking story. I thought it was very amusing but then again it doesn’t take much to amuse me. So this may not have the same effect for you. That’s okay. I won’t be offended if you think it’s lame! 😉 Oh, and I totally would have forgotten if someone hadn’t reminded me. Thanks friend!

So I’m on a new biking route. I’d been wanting to bike that road for a while. I got ready (workout clothes, tennis shoes, helmet, etc), went outside and looked up at the sky. It was cloudy, but nothing I felt like I needed to be concerned about. I get on my bike and go. My plan was to ride 22 miles one way (to the next major town) and ride home. So 44 miles right? I am about halfway there when my Dad calls and tells me where I am biking there is about to be a major storm and there are already tornado warnings for my area. He suggest I turn around and go home and while I’m doing that (I’m not the fastest biker in the world!) he’s going to drive down and pick me up. He works about 30 minutes from where I was biking so I told him I would call RG to pick me up. It would be much faster. I knew he was off work because he was going out of town I just didn’t know if he had already left. I call him and he’s already gone. He says he is going to call Nathan. I kinda figured Nathan was at the BCM so I didn’t think that was going to work. I ask RG if Nathan is home and he says, “I don’t know. I call him and find out.” I get off the phone and call my dad back and tell him to come get me. By the way, I’m biking and talking on the cell at the same time! RG calls back a few minutes later. Nathan is indeed at the BCM but RG has called his stepbrother to come get me. He’ll be there in few minutes.
I’m thinking okay, that’s fine… even though I don’t know who his stepbrother is. Stepbrother comes, loads my bike into his SUV and takes me home. While driving home we are making small talk and he says something about going to the same college I currently attend. I said, “I don’t remember seeing you there.” And he replies that I look a little familiar. So I ask what classes he’s taking. Turns out we are in the same Comp 1101 class and had no idea that we were. It was really funny! I started laughing!

So I was rescued! My Dad was relieved. I was disappointed in the weather for interrupting my bike ride. I was also highly embarrassed by the way I looked. I was such a mess. I hadn’t had a shower, had make-up from the day before still on and was in my little hoochy-momma biking shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt with an over-sized jacket. Praise the Lord for the jacket because I was bit exposed. Plus I had been riding for a good hour so I stunk.
I never let people (besides my family) see me that way. I like looking as though I am composed, put together and in control. There is a time and a place for looking dirty and for allowing people to see you that way. I guess biking isn’t one of those occasions for me.

Anyways, that is my biking story. It was pretty funny while it was happening. I just started laughing because what else was I going to do?! It was nice to have like 3 different guys all concerned about me getting out of the storm. Between Dad, RG and Nathan biking all the way home was not an option. 🙂 Aren’t they sweet? That’s what Fathers and friends are for right?