I’m sitting on the side of the tub in my undies. I’ve just finished painting my toenails Rapid Ruby red. And I’m thinking about my mom.

When mom would paint her nails they were always red. I don’t know why but that was the color she used. Mom’s personality could be categorized as the color red. Happy, cheerful, full of love, surprises at every turn and more. So today when I sat down to paint my own for some reason no other color was fitting my mood. I’m not sure what my mood is but it’s not Java or whatever that other color was I almost used.

During spring break I learned something about mom I never knew. Apparently she had a thing for pretty underwear and bras. We (Bethany and I) were visiting with mom’s best friend and she told us that mom would actually need new panties but if she couldn’t find any pretty undies she would walk out of the store without purchasing any!
Do you know how many times I’ve done that same exact thing? So many, many times. I love beautiful, sexy underwear. And the older I get the more I seem to love pretty bras and panties.

Perhaps this wasn’t the best subject to write about on my very public blog, but finding yet another way I am just like my mom has made me miss her. And blogging is at times the only way I release.

I admit I want to cry. I miss my mom right now really badly. I wish we could go shopping for sexy underwear and paint our toes red together. But that won’t happen…. So I’ll settle for resting in the Lord, painting my toes in her honor and enjoying my girl boxers (my newest favorite kind of undies) to the fullest.