I’ve discovered a new love for pictures in my blog… 🙂 They make the blog a bit more personal. Well, I think so.

I have a question. How can I be friendly with a guy without him getting the wrong idea?! Because I feel like this is happening. Facebook chat is lame!

I feel like guys have been coming out of the wood-works this week. I don’t know why or what has caused it but it’s crazy! And I’m not sure I like it. Why does it all happen at once?

Ummm… CoolGuy. I hope you are doing well. You commented for a few days and then disappeared. You should come back. I like it when you comment. 🙂

Is it raining where you are? It’s been raining since yesterday… or the day before yesterday. I don’t remember. I just know it’s been raining for a long time. It’s not even a soft friendly rain. You know the kind you go out and dance in? No. It’s let me kill you with my lightening strikes kind of rain! That’s not cool and it makes me sad.

Gotta run. The sis and I are going into town for a movie and ice-cream! Love!