I have today discovered a new favorite friend. I haven’t laughed that sweetly or freely in a while. And everything that was said was actually funny. Nothing crude, rude or plain ol’ dirty. Yes, I have a new favorite friend. And for the first time in my life I’m looking forward to drinking tea. I have a tea date. Fun stuff.

New favorite song?! I have one of those too! This is the day for favorites! Yes! I LOVE favorites!

Okay, so my new favorite song is Firefly by Jimmy Needham. You can listen to it on his myspace page or on mine. I have it playing there nonstop! Here are the lyrics:

It’s tulips and it’s daisies
Your favorite flowers lately
You think that I ain’t listening, but you know I do
With your two lips on me baby
My head starts getting dazey
Don’t give me a flower
What I want is you

It happened on the day you put your hand in mine
You went up to my head just like a glass of wine
Girl, you spark my attention like a firefly
And make me happy to be alive

You move into a room like
Summer breeze at noon time
Baby, out of nine, I’d give you ten
Your love is like an ocean
Surf and spray in motion
Baby, I’m a diver and I love to swim


These are just simple words of mine
And though most of what I feel is hard to rhyme
Ain’t it good to know your boy gave it a try?
O a try
It’d take a thousand colors just to paint your eyes
Like saving grace, they raise me up to paradise
This ain’t opinion, it’s consensus from my heart and mind
You make me happy to be alive

This song makes my heart melt. I hope one day a guy feels that way about me… And what a cowinkydink! One of my favorite flowers are daisies. I’m falling in love with a song.

Since we’re (well, technically just me, but I want to include you!) all about favorites today… *breaks out into song* These are a few of my favorite things!
*bust out laughing!!* Okay so if you read this, you HAVE to comment and tell me your favorites. It won’t be fair if you don’t. You’ll know all about me and I will know nothing about you. I might cry. Well, probably not, but I will feel pretty sad. So you should comment! 😉

Soooo…. Favorite(s)?
Smell: Fresh cut grass. Coffee. The smell of wood burning (that smokey smell! it’s hott!). Chocolate. Food when I’m really hungry. Shampoo (I love shampoo).
Drink: Black coffee. Water. Coke as far as soda is concerned. Green tea. Juice (man! I love me some juice!!).
Food: I don’t know why I put this here. I can never think of a favorite food. 😦
Weather: Sunny but cool with a slight breeze. That is what I call perfect weather.
Time of day: Dusk or late at night when the moon is all big and bright and everyone is dancing!
Color: Brown!!
Place to get coffee: Around here… Starbucks.
Way to exercise: Biking is my new favorite (I have a story about this… I was rescued today! Remind me to tell you later!)
Thing to do on the weekend: Watch a movie (sometimes by myself). Read a book. Hang with the siblings. Driving on dirt roads! Eating ice-cream with the windows down in the car.
Networking site (you know, twitter vs facebook vs myspace?!): Ummm…. I don’t know. Blogger?!
Type of music: Sweet and smooth coffee house music. Christian. Country. Pop. Jazz. Swing. I love music people!
Word: Freakin’. Heck (depending on who says this word I think it’s cute! I’m so weird!)
Phrase: Hang it!
Person: See above. Bethany. Marianna. Joe. Dad.
Thing to wear to bed: 😉 Not telling!
Movie: This is another stupid favorite question. Who can pick a favorite movie?! There are a lot of good ones!
Song: Firefly (right now)!

And I’m having a hard time coming up with more than that! I almost wrote favorite deodorant! Mine is Secret. The crystal clear gel kind. But you didn’t really need to know that.

Remember. You read. You comment. Or I cry. *grins*