Okay so I decided to post some pictures and videos from spring break.

I love spending time with Bethany! We have so much fun together! So these videos are of us riding the 4-wheelers (as if you couldn’t tell). I think we just laughed the entire time! It was my first time driving a 4-wheeler (I usually ride) and I LOVED it! Of course I knew I would. I love driving period. ***Hey, turn the sound off on the videos. It doesn’t pick up anything we say (or scream!!) and it sounds like weird scary music!


So when Bethany was driving it was hilarious! She was all over the place and at one point she drives into this rut thingy and we end screaming and then she decides she wants me to drive! It was so funny! That was not part of the video… even though we were screaming in the video too! haha!


And you were wondering just why I wanted to riding again?! Now you know. 🙂

Okay so in the past I have taken pictures of “stone” creatures and sent them to Meg and Bethany. But now you get a picture too. I saw this as I was leaving town… it was for sale at a yard sale and I had to have a picture!

It is a known fact that when you give a cute four year old a camera you are more likely to make silly faces and not feel embarrassed about them! haha! Don’t you love my monkey face?!

A few more pictures. But these have nothing to do with spring break.

Yes, this is my room. I know it’s a mess. I plan on cleaning it today. This is the aftermath of my homecoming. 🙂 I threw everything on the floor and then stayed up until 12am writing an essay. And I just haven’t had time since to wash clothes (FYI, they are all in the washer and dryer right now!!) or put stuff away. I have a lot to do. Anyone want to clean it for me?!

And my newest favorite outfit for summer! A man tank with a spaghetti strap shirt over top. I love it.

And last… I dropped two of my brothers off to camp with the home school group today. And I just wanted to take a picture of them. I was so proud of them. Spank forgot his tent poles so they worked it out and used David’s poles with Spank’s tent and there was not a single complaint or argument! I love them.

The end. I’m going to get ready for the Bible study and then clean my room! Oh, I’m sorry if the picture and/or videos are blurry. I took them with my cell.