Ummmmm. I don’t even know where to start. I found out today that the guy I really, really like is thinking about (and probably going to) start “getting-to-know” a good friend of mine. I encouraged him to do so. When he made a comment about my emotions (he knows I “used” to like him — heaven help me. I hope he does not read my blog!!) and how I had had to stop spending time with him I told him I had just “changed my thought process about you”. I lied. Let’s go back a couple blogs and reread my Master of Masking. The lie came so easily. In 2 seconds I told him what I had told myself a couple months ago. Both complete lies. I guilty for telling him a lie, but I don’t know what to do about it. Man, if I tell him I lied to him he’ll know I still like him. Then it will be awkward. I have worked very hard at having a true friendship with him and because my conscience (the Holy Spirit) is convicting me of lying it could all completely change. In the past when I’ve had this nagging conviction I’ve ending going back to the person and telling the truth. Maybe it would be a good thing. I won’t see him for another week and a half or so after tomorrow night. Oh my word! I have no idea what to do… Advice would definitely be welcomed.

I am eating minced meat pie. I bought some from the store because I’ve read so many historical fiction books where they’ve eaten it that after seeing it I wanted to try it. It’s not bad. I understand why my dad used to eat it at Thanksgiving. It’s very sweet. We are having it with a tomato and fennel salad. I think my favorite part is the pie crust! haha! Isn’t that horrible?

Yes. It is true that I am attracted to certain body/facial/hair/eye types in guys. But since CoolGuy’s comments I have found myself looking at other guys who don’t meet my favored criteria with a new set of eyes. I don’t know if I’m any more attracted to them, but I’m definitely more open to the idea. If that makes sense. Character is so important to me that I’m taking CoolGuy’s comments to heart and not focusing on the outward appearance as much (which clearly I was doing). It’s been good for me.

Thursday I have a Pampered Chef show. Friday morning I pack and leave for Toccoa. Friday afternoon I arrive in Toccoa and I believe Bethany and I are then going to TN. Remind me to print directions. It’s supposed to rain the entire time I’m in TN. I am not happy about that. But I am going to purchase some rain boots. I hate having wet feet unless I’m purposely walking in a creek or jumping in puddles or swimming. But rain is not cool.

I need to get ready for bed. I’m heading that way in an hour or so. I’m tired and need to catch up on sleep before my show on Thursday. I have a feeling I’ll be up very late. I probably won’t blog again before next week. I hope you guys have a great weekend!