My life is amazing. Sometimes. But it all works out in the end. I’m going to apologize for lying, but not tell him what I lied about…. Does that count?!

A couple things I want to buy before I head to TN…. rain boots, a book or two and a new CD. Suggestions for music would be amazing. Books I really want the latest in the Luxe’s series! And then Cyndere’s Midnight. It’s part of the Auralia series. I loved Auralia’s Colors. And I would love to read them both before the end of Spring Break! I haven’t read a good fiction book in a long time and it would make my week complete if I was able to read them both!

But…. I’m a poor, broke college student who has no money except for food on my trip. So my week will not be made complete. I will stick to biking, painting and drinking good coffee. It will have to do. And probably a lot of journaling. I’ll be without internet so I most likely won’t blog at all next week. So sad. I’ll miss a complete week of Andy Merrick! Speaking of Andy I am going to be in Nashville Sunday any suggestions for good coffee, food, etc?

Anna is being incredibly sweet. She is making a CD of complete heathen music for Bethany and I to listen to while we’re driving! I love listening to mainstream music while I’m traveling! Give me some Beyonce Single Ladies or DIVA. Bring it! Nickleback, John Legend, Pink. I don’t know what it is about that type of music, but it’s perfect for being on a long highway.

I went for a 2 hour and 20 minute bike ride today. It was amazing. I love biking. I’m gone. My little bro is about to shoot off a rocket and he wants me out there! Have a great Wednesday!