What a week. In the last week I have traveled to Toccoa; gone on a 2, 3 hour hike, jumped over a creek twice, and been snowed in in Athens. It was interesting to say the least.

Can I just say that sometimes I hate knowing other people actually read my blog because if I didn’t know and if I thought that in some way I was “hidden” I would totally write stuff I don’t want the whole world to know. I need a journal. I need to buy one and I need to start again.

I know you aren’t supposed to announce to the world that you are fasting, but I need my frères and sœurs to pray for and with me. I am praying about going on a sabbatical. My dear, lovely friend Candace gave me the idea. I just love Candace. I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with her friendship. Anyways, I’m just not sure if this what the Lord desires me to do. I also would be fasting from a certain “thing” on top of the sabbatical. I just don’t know. I need answers. I need peace that passes understanding. I need direction. I need the Lord to speak very, very clearly to me concerning this situation.

Can I just say that men are so freakin’ weird?! Make up your mind already! And I really want to know WHY you told her that. It doesn’t make sense.

The next two weekends I am going to be crazy, out of my mind busy! It will be insane. Hopefully I won’t go insane! This weekend I am going on a youth trip with the youth group from my church as a youth counselor. Next weekend I am going to TN. And the weekend after that there is the possibility of going to Toccoa. Speaking of Toccoa. I am applying. I hope and pray I will be attending TFC in the Fall.

I am going to be in a wedding. No, I am not getting married. I am a bridesmaid. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I feel like the whole “once a bridesmaid, always a bridesmaid” is going to seem like a very strong truth in my life since there aren’t any godly men interested in me. I guess I’m okay with that for now. Je ne sais pas.

I need to work on my Sociology. I’m done ranting. Hopefully my next blog will be a bit happier. Au revoir!