I have midterms next week… in le française. Je déteste le midterms. Je ne sais pas. J’aime peut-être midterms.

I’m pretty sure I just said “the French. I detest (hate) the midterms. I don’t know. Perhaps I will like midterms.”

haha! I could be so wrong!!! lol! Anyways….! 🙂 Classes are going well. I am pretty sure in all of my classes, except French, I’m making A’s and B’s. I’m so happy with that. French feels like the thorn in my flesh! Probably because I don’t study as much as I should and I realize this. It’s just so hard. I need a quiet place I can talk out-loud, but yet not look crazy! I have such a hard time écoute le française. It’s not that the work is hard; it’s time consuming and I can’t seem to find the time to study beyond Wednesday nights when my family is gone. Once a week is not enough! Trust me. I’ve got to find another place besides Wendy’s and my home to study.
I had been doing some work at RG’s, mais je feel in the way and I don’t want to bother him. You know what that verse in Proverbs says (Proverbs 25:17). Je ne vouloir pas certainement arrive (I surely don’t want that to happen).
I’m trying to use what un peu français I can if you can’t tell. I’m hoping it will help me… :/

I am in the midst of drawing a Marine. Il est regarde bon (he looks good). I can’t decide if his head is too petit. J’adore il (I adore him. J’aime drawing too. I plan to keep it up and to keep drawing, painting, etc as much as possible. I want some charcoal. It would be awesome to draw my Marine in charcoal.

I am finally sore from working out at the gym. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve started jogging (rather a slow run! haha!) and doing weights, but I feel very sore and my clothes are starting to be un peu grande. Je suis passionnante environ grande clothes! (I’m excited about big clothes!)

J’aime blogging in le française. It’s fun actually. It does take a bit more time though. Which I don’t really have. But this has been really good.

I have a Pampered Chef show this Thursday. I’m un peu nervous. Je ne sais pas any of these une femmes. It should be good though. I have at least one show scheduled for March, with the possibility of a second one. I’m really hoping I get some shows from this Thursday. That would a huge blessing! Especially since I am as broke as a college student can get! Yeah, anyways. I would appreciate the prayers.

Je suis peut-être recevoir moi anglais essay le matin. Je suis vraiment passionnante!
(I am, perhaps, to receive my English essay in the morning. I am really excited.)
I truly cannot wait to get it back. Besides the fact that I don’t have another copy of it, I just want to know what moi un professeur thought about it and I really want to know what my grade is! I’m terrible, I know.

I need to get ready for bed. Je suis assez fatigueé. (I’m rather tired.) Merci beaucoup for letting moi blog partly in le française. I hope you could understand what I didn’t translate! I’m not checking my spelling. Do you know how many things I will have wrong?! Beaucoup! I might do this from now on though. I really think it will help. Hopefully one day I will be able to write an entire blog in le française. And if even if you can’t speak le française, you just might be able to read it! haha! Wow. I crack myself up! Bonsoir. Au revoir.