Oh my word. It’s only been about three days since I last wrote, but it feels like ages.

I’ve had a pretty stressful week. My grandfather died and the visitation and funeral was this weekend. I hate all things that have to do with funerals.

My computer went crazy yesterday while I was trying to do homework and that was not helping my stress levels. It’s been acting up ever since and it had better straighten up because I can not have a computer that acts crazy during school.

I’m super tired. Since Wednesday I have stayed up past my bedtime (10:30pm) and I haven’t gotten enough sleep. I need to change that. Yeah, it’s not going too well because it’s 11:30pm now and I’m up writing a blog.

I watched Australia Thursday night. I did not realize how long that movie was and it definitely made RG’s text make more sense. I thought he was just being a baby and saying he needed sleep (he has no problems staying up late on Mondays and Wednesdays), but man! that was a LONG movie. It was close to 12am when I got home. I invited quite a few people to with me but RG and Carrie were the only ones that responded to my text. It was a good movie though and I would watch it again especially since I missed part of it! I had to pee!

Websites I’ve been looking at lately:

And I’ve watched a few Dave Barnes YouTube videos. I love those. They make me laugh every time! If he would sell them, I would definitely buy all of them!

I’m going to bed. It’s WAY past my bedtime and I’m tired. I only stayed up this late because I was watching Dave Barnes vids. haha! Good night!