I am going to Americus today. I’m kind of nervous. I haven’t been in almost a year. It’s always weird going back. It’s the place I grew up, but it’s not home. Plus, there are a lot of bad memories with Americus. I’m not saying all are bad, but a good bit definitely are.

I’m having my Grand Opening Pampered Chef party Feb 3rd OR Feb 5th. If you want to come RSVP by the 31st for the 3rd or by the 2nd for the 5th. You just pick one of those nights that work best for you, tell me you’re coming and we’ll have a party! So simple.

Pray for me. I am not feeling motivated to do homework and I really need to do it. Fridays just feel like my “off” day and I really don’t want to do anything! Isn’t that horrible?!

I have been thinking about Hosea a lot lately. RG is reading (he’s probably done by now) Redeeming Love and now I can’t get the book of Hosea out of my head. I keep thinking about how I am so much like Gomer and Hosea like Christ. I keep running away to do my own thing and yet Father Love time after time gently calls me back. I am blown away by His unfailing love. Oh how I do not desire Him and all He provides me like I should and He still offers it freely.

Seriously. My saliva glands are not working. It’s freakish having a dry mouth all the time and I don’t know what is causing them not to work, but it’s annoying. I keep drinking water because I always feel thirsty. It doesn’t help. I was reading online last night about it (dry mouth) and I just sat there feeling pretty dramatic and saying over and over, “I’m dying! I’m going to die!”. *laughs* Anna told me to stop saying it and that just made me laugh even more! Any suggestions for making them work again?!

Ok, I’m off to study. I have a list of things I have to have done before Monday and if I don’t get started now I won’t get anything done.