I am sitting outside in the cold wind and let me tell you! It is COLD!!!! My hands feel like they are freezing. But I’m sticking it out. I’m enjoying the sunshine which I feel like I don’t get to do very often.

Have you read Andy Merrick’s blog?! You should. You need to add him to the list of bloggers you follow. He’s incredible. http://blog.andymerrick.com/

I don’t really have anything of importance to write. I’m just writing random stuff because I can.

I’m excited about the Bible study tonight because Carrie is going to be there and I can tell her all of my guy stories and she, being a woman, will appreciate them more so than the guys that will be there! Besides Carrie is just funny and I love hanging out with her and I don’t think I’ve seen her since last year (which is terribly sad! I miss her!). It promises to be a very good night!

I feel like my week has consisted of me talking to random guys. It’s kinda weird and crazy. I’ve talked to at least 3 different guys for different reasons, but I don’t do that in a normal week. It is interesting to say the least. But, umm… also confusing. Guys are confusing. I don’t know. I should probably re-read Andy’s blog (he’s got some good ones on relationships! http://blog.andymerrick.com/?cat=19)

It feels like everyone I know is either getting married, getting engaged or getting in a relationship this year. It happens every couple years. You know, everyone you know and hang out with are in relationships or you know it’s just a “matter of time” before they make it official. Man! I hate those years. Because I’m never on of “those” people. My time will come! (I keep repeating this to myself until I somewhat believe it! haha!! I’m so funny!).

I think I make myself laugh more than anyone else in the world. I just crack myself up sometimes! I’m not kidding! Sometimes I just laugh and laugh at whatever I’ve just said. And it probably wasn’t even that funny to begin with! But I can’t help it.

Right now I’m trying to remember what it feels like to feel my fingers. They are red and tingling. I’m about to go inside. Have a great day people. I’m off to find a warm place so I don’t freeze in front of the school library. Not cool.