I had to stop and take a break from studying. I’m going on four hours and I’m feeling it. I have three more pages and 1 chapter to finish in Sociology. I need to go over Public Speaking and French (starting today I will study French everyday… maybe I’ll begin to blog in French!!) and then I need to review my English notes for tomorrow. Thank goodness I’ve already read everything I needed to read for that class! I would be be going crazy right now if I hadn’t.

Can you tell I’ve been typing up my notes while studying? One of my teachers said to type everything with two spaces between words and I’m trying to get in the habit. *Edit note (the spaces didn’t show up in the blog. But I did do two spaces! I promise!)*

I cut my hair again. I didn’t like it the way it was and so I had it cut again. I’m not sure I like it this way either. And I can guarantee you I will be growing this stuff out. I’m a bit tired of short hair right now. I don’t think I’ll be going to see my stylist for a while. It’s not that I don’t like her (she’s new and I LOVE her), I just want my hair back to normal. I’m a bit worried right now about not looking feminine (yes, it is that short!). So I will probably wear make-up everyday (if I’m going out of the house that is!) and…drum-roll…. Bethany and Marianna will appreciate this more than anyone else… I bought new earrings. I know. I know. You never thought you’d see the day. But I did and I’m wearing a pair now. I just can’t stand the thought of people seeing that I only wear one or two pairs (can someone give a shout-out for peer pressure?!) and also I wanted some that would be quite noticeable. I’m a bit concerned with Dad’s reaction to my hair too. We’d just talked about girls having hair that looked too closely like guys hair… and look what I have?!

Be honest with me. Does it look bad? I am soo worried! But I’m kinda hoping it will make me look more my age. Does it do that?

Oh well. I’ve got it until it grows out or until I grow used to it. We’ll see which one comes first. I just remembered I only have one class tomorrow and plenty of time to study tomorrow so I’m going to finish my 3 pages and then go home. It’s time. Time for time spent with the family.