Think of how it feels to run into someone you once held dear (or perhaps just the family of this person) all of the sweet memories of time spent with that friend comes rushing back doesn’t it?

I had that happen to me today. I googled (love me some google!) a family we used to spend time with all the stinkin’ time and I found their blogspot.

This past week I’ve thought about them a lot for some odd reason so I decided to try to find them. I knew at point they had had a blogspot but I didn’t know if they still kept up with it. They do and it was so good to see pictures and what they’re doing now. Everyone has grown. I almost started crying.

Well, friend (whom I stalked on google) thank you for providing me a moment to slip back into the past and remember what life was like when we spent so much time together. I miss you guys. If you read this I would love to truly hear how everyone is doing! Send me an email